Company Profile

Our company has worked closely since it’s inception with the Australian Design Company, Hardy Interiors, to create over 2000 designs in furniture, flooring products, sculpture, home wares and mosaics, from a wide variety of materials including timber, sheet metals, wrought iron, glass, stone and more.

We have produced good quality furniture and decorative elements for over twenty five years for the export market through our group of private and PMA companies.

With the period of time, and with much effort and successful performance, our team here at PT Country Form Furniture has grown to over 600 people working in company owned workshops of over 35,000 square meters. Many of our staff have been in our employment for over 15 years, developing skills in all areas of the company production, administration and marketing. Many of the components for production are outsourced to a further 500 local people in line with our ongoing corporate philosophy.

As an established international exporter, PT Country Form Furniture is currently expanding its ranges to appeal to an increased demographic. Our container deliveries accommodate the wholesaler or small retail operations for an optimum product mix. We are constantly pursuing new concepts and designs, usually based on the ‘Timeless Classic’, with an interesting edge.